Who’s Who

Interim Priest – Revd Stephen Hazlett

Mr Fred Coulthard (Chair and Hon Treasurer)
Mr Patrick Little (Hon Secretary)
Mr Ian MacQuarrie (Property Convenor)
Mrs Jenny Wright (Lay Representative)
Mrs Ann Gault (Alternate Lay Representative)
Mrs Sue Beddows
Mrs Stephanie Dewhurst
Miss Sheila MacKenzie
Revd Joy Margerison
Mr David Stevens


Lay Reader - Douglas Allison

Lay Reader & Sacristan – Douglas Allison

Lay Reader - Alan Rumble

Lay Reader – Alan Rumble

Vestry Chair, Hon Treasurer and Freewill Offerings Convenor – Fred Coulthard

Hon Secretary - Patrick Little

Vestry Secretary – Patrick Little

Vestry Member, Lay Representative, Lay Worship Leader and  Pastoral Assistant – Jenny Wright

Methodist Associate - Revd Joy Margerison

Vestry Member & Methodist Associate – Revd Joy Margerison

Vestry Member & Property Convenor – Ian MacQuarrie

Vestry Member & Co-ordinator for the Protection of Vulnerable Groups – Sheila MacKenzie

Vestry Member and Mothers’ Union Branch Leader – Sue Beddows

Vestry Member – David Stevens

Vestry Member And Alternate Lay Rep – Ann Gault

Michael Little – Organ Scholar

Magazine Editor and Webmaster - Stephanie Dewhurst

Vestry Member & Administrator/Hall Bookings Convenor/ Magazine Editor/ Website Editor – Stephanie Dewhurst