Thursday Club

A little background to the Thursday Club…
The Thursday Club was formed a good many years ago – probably in the 1960s – because few people seemed to know one another.

Initially, meetings were held on a Thursday evening at seven o’clock. That was seen as the best time, Thursday being half-day closing in the town. It was hoped that people would meet for friendship, a cup of tea and sometimes a speaker. At the outset, not having a hall, meetings were held in the Rectory, or during interregna, either in the home of Hope Little or of Ann Gault, depending what the meetings were about.

We started having our Christmas Lunch, so called, in Ann’s house, with baked potatoes, a hot dish and salads. When Grace Dance, the Rector’s wife, took over in the 1980s, Grace and Ann cooked a proper meal in the Rectory for a few years. By this time we had changed to an afternoon meeting, as some older members did not want to drive at night.

As our numbers grew we invited husbands along to Christmas Lunch and now, as it is open to men, all are invited who wish to join us. The aim has not changed over the years – it is still for friendship and getting to know each other a little better. So do come along. All meetings begin at 2.00pm.

DATES FOR 2013-14

Thursday 12th September
Thursday 10th October
Thursday 14th November
Thursday 12th December – Christmas Lunch at the Kings Arms
Thursday 9th January
Thursday 13th February
Thursday 13th March
Thursday 10th April
Thursday 8th May – last meeting of the season

Alison gave a fascinating talk about her favourite Psalm (Psalm 23), linking it with how shepherds have tended their sheep through the ages with God’s love for us, and illustrated with different recordings, from Crimond (Glasgow Orpheus Choir) to John Rutter in his Requiem, via Brother James’s Air, sung by a very young Aled Jones and also a German version by Schubert.

Alison talking to members of the Thursday Club

As a slow thaw began to dissolve some of the lying snow and ice following record low temperatures since late November, a cheerful crowd gathered at the Kings Arms for the annual Christmas Lunch, which began with Canon David Main reciting ‘The Selkirk Grace’.

May, Tim & Shirley

Clem reserves two seats …

Zoe and Alan

Canon Main


Ian and David Main

Alison, David & Theo Steward, Audrey

Audrey, Peter, Rosemary and the Rector

John, Maurice, Hilda, Jenny and Joan

Hilda, Jenny & Joan

Matthew, Edna & John

David Steward gives a vote of thanks for a most enjoyable meal