Christian Aid

christianaidChristian Aid exists to help those in need – regardless of religion, ethnicity or nationality and is driven by the gospel of good news to the poor and inspired by the vision of a new earth where all people can live in justice, peace and plenty.

Our church plays a very full part locally in partnership with other churches within Castle Douglas and the surrounding villages, and is truly ecumenical, being organised by a committee drawn from all of the churches.

The main thrust of our efforts is concentrated during Christian Aid Week, which usually falls in May, and concerns a café-cum-soup kitchen, together with stalls selling cakes, bric-a-brac and, of course, a major emphasis on Fair Trade. In addition, there are house-to-house and street collections, which together raised £5,500 in 2009.

Our activities are not just confined to one week in a year and other events are organised, including concerts, quiz nights and the like.

In its 50th anniversary year, Christian Aid Week in May 2007 was the most successful ever, raising an amazing £14.6 million.

David Steward

David hard at work in Christian Aid Week

David hard at work in Christian Aid Week


CHRISTIAN AID WEEK: 15-22 May 2011
The theme this year focused on coffee farming co-operatives in Nicaragua.
Fatima Ismael is the dirctor of Soppexca, a collective of small coffee farming co-operatives in Jinotega, Nicaragua. Her vision for the future of the communities she works with is a bright one. Fatima says: ‘We’re not just about bread for today, but also tomorrow. But we don’t just want bread. We want bread and honey and milk. The organisation works with 18 co-operatives in the Jinotega region, supporting them to transform their own lives.


A selection of photos from Christian Aid Week 2011 (David Steward)